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The SFRA Award for Lifetime Contributions to SF Scholarship

This award was created in 1970 by the SFRA to honor lifetime contributions to SF and fantasy scholarship. The award was originally named the Pilgrim Award for J. O. Bailey's pioneering book, Pilgrims through Space and Time. 

The name was amended following a series of discussions and a community vote to The SFRA Award for Lifetime Contributions to SF Scholarship in 2019. 

[*The SFRA award season begins in June of the year of record; awards are bestowed during the annual conference the following year.]

Award Committee

Art Evans (chair)

Isiah Lavender

Veronica Hollinger

2021 Veronica Hollinger (Canada)
2020 Sherryl Vint (Canada)
2019 John Rieder (USA)
2018 Carl Friedman (USA)
2017 Tom Moylan (Ireland)
2016 Mark Bould (UK)
2015 Henry Jenkins (USA)
2014 Joan Gordon (USA)
2013 N. Katherine Hayles (USA)
2012 Pamela Sargent (USA)
2011 Donna Haraway (USA)
2010 Eric Rabkin (USA)
2009 Brian Attebery (USA)
2008 Gwyneth Jones (UK)
2007 Algis Budrys (USA)
2006 Fredric Jameson (USA)
2005 GĂ©rard Klein (France)
2004 Edward James (UK)
2003 Gary Westfahl (USA)
2002 Mike Ashley (UK)
2001 Dave Samuelson (USA)
2000 Hal Hall (USA)
1999 Brian Stableford (UK)
1998 L. Sprague de Camp (USA)
1997 Marleen Barr (USA)
1996 David Ketterer (Canada)
1995 Vivian Sobchack (USA)
1994 John Clute (UK)
1993 Robert Reginald (USA)
1992 Mark Hillegas (USA)
1991 Pierre Versins (France)
1990 Marshall B. Tymn (USA)
1989 Ursula K. Le Guin (USA)
1988 Joanna Russ (USA)
1987 Gary K. Wolfe (USA)
1986 George E. Slusser (USA)
1985 Samuel R. Delany (USA)
1984 Everett F. Bleiler (USA)
1983 H. Bruce Franklin (USA)
1982 Neil Barron (USA)
1981 Sam Moskowitz (USA)
1980 Peter Nichols (UK)
1979 Darko Suvin (Canada)
1978 Brian W. Aldiss (UK)
1977 Thomas D. Clareson (USA)
1976 James Gunn (USA)
1975 Damon Knight (USA)
1974 I. F. Clarke (UK)
1973 Jack Williamson (USA)
1972 Julius Kagarlitski (USSR)
1971 Marjorie Hope Nicolson (USA)
1970 J. O. Bailey (USA)

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