[Image: View of Diamond Head, the Pacific Ocean, and Kaimukī, with Chaminade University of Honolulu campus in the foreground, from the school's Facebook page.]


[An updated, slightly different, PDF version of these Travel Directions will be made available here around 21 Tuesday 2019.

See #SFRA2019 on Twitter for a running list of tidbits, unofficial recommendations, & factoids about Hawaiʻi history, shopping, food, culture & art museums, etc. (viewpoints expressed therein are not those of SFRA or its officers/Executive Committee, just us locals on the organizing committee).]


     CHAMINADE UNIVERSITY OF HONOLULU, 3140 Waiʻalae Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96816


Driving Directions to Chaminade University

From Honolulu International Airport:

    • Take the Interstate H1 East ramp to Honolulu/Waikīkī
    • Continue on H1 approximately 7 miles
    • Take Exit 25A – S. King Street
    • Continue on S. King Street and turn slightly left Kapiʻolani Blvd.
    • Continue onto Waiʻalae Ave.
    • Turn left on at 3rd Ave into Chaminade University’s entrance

From Waikiki:

    • Go onto Ala Wai Blvd.
    • Turn left onto Kalākaua Ave.
    • Turn right onto Kapiʻolani Blvd.
    • Continue onto Waiʻalae Ave.
    • Turn left on at 3rd Ave into Chaminade University’s entrance

For more driving direction help:

TheBus is Honolulu's public transportation option, at $2.50/one-way ride and $5.50 for an all-day pass. Day passes can be requested when getting on the bus in the morning. BRING EXACT CHANGE in CASH, especially quarters.

     TheBus schedules are available through Google Maps, so simply type in your destination each morning, select the train icon at the top for public transportation, and plan your day accordingly. Times are accurate within 5 minutes.

     Getting from Honolulu International Airport to different parts of the island such as Waikīkī via TheBus:

     It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Chaminade campus from the airport by bus, so you might want to consider other transportation options (see the paragraph on "Additional Transportation Options & Directions" below). Also, if you plan to take a bus from the airport and back, note the limitations to luggage size and backpack types:

     See "Additional Transportation Options & Directions," including cab, car rental, and airport shuttle services, in the Chaminade Airport Shuttle webpage (the campus shuttle itself is only available to Chaminade students, so disregard the online form to order shuttle service, but look at the additional transportation links):

If you are staying in Waikīkī including our Chaminade-discounted hotel rooms at the Courtyard by Marriott Waikīkī Beach hotel, and want to take TheBus to Chaminade, here is a map of bus routes in Waikīkī--you should take the #13 Route and head eastbound in the direction of Kapahulu Ave., which will eventually lead mauka (towards the mountains) towards the University of Hawaiʻi of Mānoa area and to nearby Waiʻalae Ave.  This means you should catch TheBus on the makai (towards the ocean) side of Kūhio Ave on the map (otherwise, you will head westward towards Ala Moana Shopping Center/downtown).  The 13 runs directly from Kuhio St. in Waikīkī to Waiʻalae near Chaminade and back with about a block or two of walking on either end. The 13 runs approximately every 15-20 minutes.

     After about 12 minutes on this bus, you should get off at the intersection (/stop) of St. Louis Drive & Waiʻalae Ave.; walk on the mauka side of the street up Waiʻalae (it is hilly; wear comfy shoes) past the City Mill & the W&M Burger, until you reach the Chaminade University entrance across the Subway/L&L Hawaiian Barbecue/Shaloha mini-mall and the St. Louis Drive In/St. Louis Delicatessen cluster of fast-food restaurants. 

     Here is the #13 schedule; the only stop in Waikīki listed here is near the east end of Kūhio close to its Kapahulu intersection, where it intersects with Paoakalani (stop #154, column "O" on the left side of this schedule).


     Map & directions:    Most concurrent breakout sessions (academic paper panels) will occur within Henry Hall, with conference registration, meals & drinks, as well as larger get-togethers (reception, film/media showing & discussion, plenary, reading, keynote) held in the Clarence T.C. Ching Conference Center atop Eiben Hall located right north of Henry (note: the Ching Conference Center is different from the Clarence T.C. Ching Hall to the west of Henry).

     Parking is free throughout the conference period, both for conference attendees as well as for those staying in the residence hall accommodations, up to 75 cars. Please park in the designated Chaminade parking stalls:

  • Parking garage (see building #3 on the above map): stalls 6 through 170
  • On campus: yellow or white stalls labeled “CUH”



SFRA Conference attendees may choose between staying at the Hale Pohaku co-ed residences--

* Atop a breezy hill on Chaminade campus

* A 2-5 minute walk from the conference meeting rooms

* Around $82-107 per twin bed/night in a shared suite, including linen fees (no general excise tax, hotel tax, or parking fee)

--or  tourist-friendly Waikīkī:

* An urban beachside area 15-20 minutes away by car from Chaminade

* Dense with a plethora of hotel options, restaurants, & entertainment

* Starting around $100-160+ per room/night + the 4.712% general excise tax & about a 10.25% hotel tax + parking fees

     To use Chaminade University's hotel discount, the Booking Accommodations page will feature a direct link to reserving a room in the Courtyard Waikīkī Beach (part of the Courtyard by Marriott), a modest business hotel near the heart of Waikīkī at the intersection of Kuhio Avenue & Royal Hawaiian Avenue. Using this discount, SFRA conference attendees can reserve rooms at $159/night + taxes (usually hotel & general excise) & pay $25/night plus gratuity for discounted valet parking (it's usually $45 per night in Waikīkī) for reservations with dates from June 19 through June 25, 2019. [Note 06/07/19: The Courtyard by Marriott Waikīkī Beach has agreed to extend its discounted rate for reservations made past the original reservations deadlines in late May, provided rooms are available, so read that update in Booking Accommodations page.]


     Chaminade University has opened up its student residential facility, Hale Pohaku, to conference attendees who can enjoy the building's sweeping east-to-west views from Diamond Head & Waikīkī, to the skyscrapers of downtown Honolulu, to the Waiʻanae mountain range.

     Each suite contains 2 bedrooms that each house 2 beds, 2 desks, & 1 closet; the suite's 4 beds share 1 bathroom, another closet, & a modest common area. Hale Pohaku facilities include access to a secure kitchen area, a covered outside deck where residents can socialize, drink, & eat featuring a pleasant view of the campus & city, & drink & snack vending machines.

     See the Booking Accommodations page for more information on suite arrangements, rates, & reservations. These rates will cover the period from June 19 through June 30, 2019, though if you are reserving campus housing for days outside of the official conference period (June 21 through June 24), you will have to make special arrangements with the Chaminade Residence Life Office.


[again, check out #SFRA2019 (Twitter) for an ongoing list of other unofficial travel & dining recommendations]

     Chaminade University of Honolulu lies near the bottom of Waiʻalae Avenue, the central business street of the Kaimukī suburb. Known for its ethnically diverse, small-business dining establishments, Waiʻalae is one of the most popular restaurant areas among Hawaiʻi foodies.

     For budget travelers, Kaimuki Shopping Center, a 2-minute drive or 7-minute walk up Waiʻalae from the campus entrance, contains Times Supermarket grocery store, which offers prepared food in its local-style deli & fish counter, & Longs Drugs (CVS Pharmacy), which sells basic cooking implements which can be used in the Hale Pohaku kitchen. Affordable food franchises Subway & L&L Hawaiian Barbecue sit across the street from Chaminade.

     Waiʻalae restaurants, drive-ins, & diners include everything from plantation-era eats (St. Louis Delicatessen, an okazuya also across the campus entrance), to Asian/French Hawaiʻi Regional Cuisine fusion (3660 on the Rise, at the top of Waiʻalae), to contemporary versions of Native Hawaiian staples (Mud Hen Water, a few minutes away by car), to popular plate-lunch and poke restaurants (Zippyʻs, the Obama-beloved chain which grinds out dine-in or take-out meals, is a 10-minute walk up Waiʻalae from campus; relatively inexpensive seafood kitchen Fresh Catch is a 2-minute walk down Wai'alae) -- & everything in between.

     Within a short drive or walk from Chaminade: Waialaeʻs Vietnamese pho noodle joints & nouveau-Asian food abound; WW-II-era pre-statehood hamburger stands, plus other modest diners, reflect Asian settlersʻ historical movement from plantation labor to urban family-owned businesses (W&M Burger makes for a brief stroll down the street from Chaminade; the working-class-beloved St. Louis Drive In stands next to St. Louis Deli across from the campus entrance); & plant-based or vegetarian-friendly restaurants / cafes (especially but not only nearing the top of Waiʻalae) present healthier options, with close-to-campus choices including Siam Garden Cafe (Thai, a 5-minute walk up Wai'alae) & The Ripple of Smiles (Vietnamese, across City Mill at the intersection of lower Waiʻalae & St. Louis Dr.).

     The neighboring Kapahulu area, a 20-45-minute walk or 3-7-minute drive from Chaminade bordering Waikīkī & Diamond Head, also includes authentic Native Hawaiian restaurants such as Hailiʻs and Da Ono Hawaiian Food.


     Chaminade is very close to two of the best wine shops on the island, Tamura's near the top of Waiʻalae & Fujioka's in Market City Shopping Center (a 5-minute drive or 15-minute walk from Chaminade) near the start of Kapahulu.

     Depending on your tastes, night life includes a variety of bars in the Kaimukī & the Kapahulu-to-Waikīkī areas, such as Formaggio Wine & Bar in Market City or the Surfing Pig or Aloha Lounge on Waiʻalae; or LGBTQ-friendly Chiko's Tavern a 15-minute drive away in the University/Moʻiliʻili area & Wang Chung's in Waikīkī.

Kaimukī restaurant & food maps & guides by Kaimuki.Hawaii.Com:

Best Waiʻalae Avenue restaurants in Yelp Hawaiʻi:

Best Kapahulu restaurants in Yelp Hawaiʻi:

Vegetarian-friendly or vegan restaurants on Happy Cow's Honolulu list:

[More comprehensive lists of recommended restaurants & activities will be provided at the end of in the conference program as well as in the conference packet. Of course, conference attendees should research dining establishments and practice due diligence before eating there, just as they would on the "mainland."]

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